Election Voting Information

  Summary of Ballot Proposition to be inserted in the Notices of Last Day of Registration and Election
                                    (additional items may be added at a later date)
                             .65 MILL FOR 10 YEARS
  Full text of the ballot proposition may be obtained at the administrative offices of Iosco Regional Educational 
  Service Agency, 27 North Rempert Road,  Tawas City, Michigan   48763     Telephone -  (989) 362-3006

   Sept. 23rd:  Absentee voter ballots available to voters
   Oct.  10th:   Last day to register to vote for November 7th Election
   Date To Be Determined:  Public Accuracy Test
   Nov.   4th:   To receive absentee ballot by mail, voter must submit application 
                      for ballot by 2:00 pm
   Nov.   4th:   Clerk's office open Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm to obtain Absentee Ballot
                      **Must vote in office - ballot cannot leave building

   Nov.   6th:   Up to 4:00 pm voters qualified to obtain an absent vote ballot for election 
                      may vote in person in Clerk's office.
   Nov.   7th:   Up to 4:00 pm, only emergency absentee voting for election

   Nov.   7th:   PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY, VOTING 7:00 AM TO 8:00 pm


OSCODA, MI 48750

To Vote Prior To The Election:
State Law requires the Clerk's Office to be open 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on the Saturday prior to an election.

To Vote, simply appear at your assigned polling place on election day.  The polls are open from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm.

Voting Access for the Disabled:
Under the requirements of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), each polling location must have at least one voting unit designed to accommodate the needs of disabled voters by the 2006 election cycle. After an extensive evaluation process, the State of Michigan has selected the ES&S AutoMARK as its state-wide system. It is a ballot-marking device that allows voters with a variety of disabilities to vote using the same optical scan ballot and the same tabulator as other voters in the same precinct. These new voting machines will be available for use beginning with the August 2006 Primary election.

Voting Equipment Testing:
Public accuracy testing is required by the State.  Dates will be posted as necessary.

Voting Equipment:
Beginning with the 2006 election cycle, a state-wide optical scan voting system was implemented. After considering the various optical scan systems, Clinton County polling places will be using the Sequoia Voting Systems Optech Insight. Voters will notice very little difference between the old and new Optech machines.

Political Sign Requirements:
MAX SIZE (in square feet):  6 FEET

The sign is to be setback a minimum of 15ft. from the street pavement or rear lot line. If sign is related to a specific election or political event, the sign is to be removed by 10 days following the election or event.  The Township Board may establish a fee for removal of signs, which have not been removed after ten (10) days following the election to which they pertain.

Voter Registration

The person shall be a citizen of the United States; at least 18 years of age; a resident of the state for not less than 30 days and a resident of the Township on or before the thirtieth day prior to the next election. 

Where to Register:
Anyone qualified to register to vote may do so at any one of the following locations:

  • Your local Clerk's office
  • Any Secretary of Stage branch office
  • Family Independence Agency, Department of Community Health, or Department of Career Development offer voter registration services to their clients
  • By mail print the Michigan Mail-In Voter Registration Application form from the Election Bureau's website
  • Print and complete the Michigan Mail-In Voter Registration Application form and return it to your local Clerk's office
  • Military recruitment centers
  • Under the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), the voter registration application cannot be accepted unless and until the voter registration applicant affirmatively answers both the citizenship and age questions

For Additional Information:

  • Registering to Vote
  • Obtaining an absentee ballot
  • Where do I vote?
  • Voting equipment
  • State candidates and proposals

Visit the State of Michigan's website at:  www.michigan.gov/sos and then click on "Info for voters".

Address Changes:
Effective April 1, 2000, Michigan Law requires that a person's driver license/personal identification card address must correspond to his or her voter registration address.  If you need to submit a driver license/personal identification card address change, you can do so in the following ways:

  • At your local Clerk's office
  • At any Secretary of State branch office (or print the form from the Secretary of State's website).  The completed and signed form can be returned to any Secretary of State branch office or by mail

PA 92 of 2004 modified the "voting in person" requirement currently imposed under Michigan election law on first-time mail registrants.

With the new amendment, a voter who has never voted in Michigan who chooses to register by mail, must appear in person to vote in the first election in which he or she wishes to participate.

With the change, a voter subject to the "voting-in-person" requirement who satisfies the requirement - and who then moves to a different jurisdiction in the state and again chooses to register to vote by mail - is not required to satisfy the "voting-in-person" requirement a second time.

The "Voting-In-Person" Requirement Does Not Apply If:

  • The voter hand delivers his or her mail registration form to the Clerk's office
  • The voter is 60 years of age or more
  • The voter is disabled
  • The voter is eligible to vote under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act
  • At the same time, the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) imposes a new identification requirement on first-time mail registrants

New Federal ID Requirements:
HAVA stipulates that a voter who has never voted in Michigan who chooses to register by mail must meet a new identification requirement.  To comply with the identification requirement, the voter must:

  • Accurately enter his or her state issued driver's license number or personal ID number where requested on the mail-in voter registration form.
  • Send one of the following forms of identification when mailing the mail-in voter registration form to his or her county of local clerk:  a copy of a current and valid photo identification (such as driver's license or personal ID card) or a copy of a paycheck stub, utility bill, bank statement or a government document which lists his or her name and address

If a voter subject to the new federal ID requirement does not meet the requirement as explained above, the voter must present an acceptable form of identification before voting in the first election in which he or she wishes to participate.  The new federal ID requirement does not apply if:

  • The voter hand delivers his or her mail registration form to the county of local clerk's office
  • The voter is disabled
  • The voter is eligible t vote under the Uniform and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act
  • The voter had delivers his or her mail registration form to the county of local Clerk's office
  • The voter is disabled

For more information, visit the State of Michigan website and click on the HAVA icon; or visit Federal Election Commission www.michigan.gov/sos webiste at www.fec.gov/hava/hava.htm.

Voter ID Cards:
If you do not receive a Voter Identification Card within three weeks after registering to vote, contact your local Clerk's office to confirm your registration status.

Requesting an Absentee Voting Ballot
Permanent Absent Voter List Request Form  <<  Click Here

This form is for registered voters 60 years of age or older

Eligibility Rules:

Absent voter ballots are available for all elections. A registered voter is eligible to obtain an absent voter ballot for an upcoming election under one of the following statutory reasons:

  • 60 years of age or more
  • Unable to vote without assistance
  • Expects to be absent from the city for the entire time the polls are open
  • Is in jail awaiting arraignment or trial
  • Has been appointed to work as an election inspector in a precinct outside of his/her precinct of residence
  • Is unable to attend the polls due to his/her religious beliefs

Application Process:
Absentee ballots may not be delivered as a result of an oral request made in person or over the phone. However, an absent voter ballot application form may be provided as a result of an oral request.

The written request/application form may be on a pre-printed form supplied by the clerk or other election official, in a letter or on a postcard. Michigan election law provides that a registered voter may request an absent voter ballot by submitting any type of "written request signed by the voter stating the statutory grounds for making the application." And for which election they are requesting an absentee voter ballot.

Send the completed application to your local clerk.

A voter who applies for an absent voter ballot for a primary election may, at the same time, request an absent voter ballot for the following general election if he or she is eligible to receive an absent voter ballot for both elections.

If the ballot must be issued by mail, the application for the ballot must reach the local clerk no later than 2:00 p.m. on the Saturday prior to the election. Please make your request as early as possible to allow for delivery time. An absent voter may apply in person at the clerk's office before 4:00 p.m. on a day preceding the election to vote as an absent voter. The applicant shall receive his or her absent voter ballot and vote the ballot in the Clerk's office. The law also provides for the issuance of "emergency" absent voter ballots as late as 4:00 p.m. on the day of the election. The "emergency" must have occurred at a time that made it impossible for the voter to apply for an absentee ballot by the statutory deadline for "regular" application. An "emergency" absent voter ballot may be issued if the voter cannot attend the polls because of one of the following reasons:

  • Personal disablement
  • A family death or illness which will require that the elector leave the community for the entire time the polls are open on election day

Michigan election law provides that an absent voter may vote in person within his/her precinct if the voter surrenders his/her absent voter ballot, if received, to the precinct board. An absent voter ballot surrendered in this manner shall, by said precinct board, be marked "canceled/rejected - voted in person" and place with other canceled/rejected ballots. If the absent voter ballot was lost or destroyed, the voter shall sign an affidavit to that effect before an election inspector and then be allowed to vote. Any voter voting at any election both in person and by means of an absent voter ballot, or who shall attempt so to vote, shall, upon conviction, be deemed guilty of a felony.

All absent voter ballots must be received by the Clerk's office no later than 8:00 p.m. on election day.
Any questions regarding elections or voter registration, please call the City Clerk at (517) 669-2441.